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PLAYLIST: "This Week"

^ Link To Playlist

The Full Page will now be presenting playlists for your enjoyment. Today’s playlist is titled “This Week”. This playlist is an eclectic mix of hip-hop, r&b, soul, alternative, indie-pop, and classics.

It’s basically music that I like to listen to. It begins with a few hot songs from this year, including songs by XXXTENTACION, Action Bronson, Skepta, and Drizzy Drake. Then we immediately drop into an emotional rollercoaster with Frank Ocean and Father John Misty. We recover to some bangers from Logic and Kali Uchis, as well as KIDS SEE GHOSTS and Travis Scott.

The next section of the playlist is for hardcore hip-hop fans. There are feature songs from Scarface, Future (with a show-stealing feature from Young Scooter), Gangsta Gibbs, “Ric Flair Drip”, YG, and J. Cole with “KOD”. A few more heaters are brought to you by Kendrick and Weezy, plus a classic from Joey Bada$$.

We start to slow it down with some chill Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle. Some new The Internet comes next accompanied by an overlooked Sade song. To keep the chill vibes going we introduce some jazzy SZA, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Tyler, The Creator. And we finish the playlist with another mix of rap. YG, Travis, Weeknd at his most aggressive, 21, Mos Def, UGK, Ye, and Pac. Credits roll to a Dr. Dre beat.

Drake drops nothing but bars on the D.J Premier produced “Sandra’s Rose”. “Niggas see the crib and asked who did I steal from. Price tag on making the world feel some”. “Louisville hush money for my young gunnas”. “Hit em back and say we’ll link up on the 33rd. When I say that they cursin’ me, it ain’t dirty words”.

“The Diary” by Scarface is the title track from one of the rappers most acclaimed albums. On the song we hear a man say he can “fade” Scarface on this “rap shit”. ‘Face proceeds to body him with an onslaught of hard raps over a high-intensity beat. YG reminds us that he’s a Blood on “SUU WHOOP”, and though that sounds a little corny the beat is crazy dope and he drops some fire bars. “I’m a gangbangin’ ass dad”, “She love 2Pac, she thuggin’”, “YG AKA Big Blood AKA Big Red Fox” are among some of the bars.

Freddie Gibbs and 03 Greedo flip some of Eazy-E’s song “Boyz N The Hood”. “Dope Niggaz” by Lil Wayne flips Dr. Dre’s “Xxplosive” beat in a unique and cool way. Plus Snoop Dogg’s feature is very well used, reminiscent of how it was used on Kendrick’s “Institutionalized”.

The Internet’s “Stay the Night” is a little sexual interlude on the playlist. I like this band, and I like how Syd has formed as an artist. She doesn’t seem to be afraid of being herself, and she wears her problems on her sleeve as a badge of honour.

“OKAGA, CA” was one of my favourite songs from Cherry Bomb. I’ve recently been fascinated with the use of pitched vocals during Tyler’s normal verse (as in the one where his voice is not pitched or changed). The vocals pan from left to right and the metaverb, maybe, mixed with a few other effects make for a sonic treat. It’s a sound very hard to find anywhere else and it hits noisily yet smoothly. It’s kind of how Cherry Bomb was, and I thought it was very new but also very welcome.

I hope you enjoy the playlist, listener. I have another one coming soon. Let me know if you like the playlist, or if there were only certain songs you fuck with. These are the songs I like and I’m so happy to share them with you.


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